Your damage scales very well now (mainly with the build I did). I used an skill on a jg camp and the passive went on CD normally. I want to receive promotions from our partners. [notes] => His ult gravitates towards you, and can easily kill you late game if he sneaks up on ya or at half health The knockup is always throwing the enemies for right or left. Vote received! ( That item is already overpriced, and if you are building it, it should ideally be the last item (or as a replacement to boots if this build is for conquest.) ) You can support us ad-free for less than $1 a month! Learn how to play a new god, or fine tune your favorite SMITE gods’s build and strategy. tbh I love the max cdr one just because its actually cancer Browse Kukulkan pro builds, top builds and guides. Yes, with this build you will be very squishy . Wait but this guide is really good . [god] => Array "Ok," sure, but not great. Exactly. Now it's a nice moment to start rotate to surprise enemies and summon some kulkupupers!!! That's it, thank you for visiting my build! [god_id] => 52 Maybe longer. Tbh with Book of Thoth I don't think you need the mp5 from Charon's, and Kuku uses Obsidian Shard passive well. Kukulkan helped Fafnir and blitzed the dark dragon; their attacks’ impact almost destroyed the entire hall! ( ) He's already running in all the categories anyway. I know this is for Arena, but I'd still get. ( [url] => pele 1 Lore 2 Abilities 3 Videos 3.1 God Reveal 4 Achievements 5 Trivia 5.1 General 5.2 God Skins 6 Skins 7 Changelog Upon the high winds of Mayan lands rides the feathered serpent, Kukulkan. Would you like to let the author know their guide helped you and leave them a message? For free2play reasons, I end up playing Kukulkan. Help Support Our Growing Community. I think you're making a bigger deal of this than it is. ) [god_id] => 4 Not only that but the presence of Doom Orb 4th or 5th item is just ridiculous. Learn how to play a new god, or fine tune your favorite SMITE gods’s build and strategy. [url] => odin (Don't have him X because i started playing other gods). [url] => kumbhakarna "Kukulkan"is the eigthepisode of Season 2 ofMayans MC, a spinoff of theFXoriginal seriesSons of Anarchy. Small changes for 7.1.5. Though it’s not the end of the world if you decide to build thoth first, That's generally what I do when I buy stacking items, but I'm a filthy arena main. In Yucatec the name is spelt K'uk'ulkan (/kuː kuːlˈkän/) and in Tzotzil it is K'uk'ul-chon (/kuːˈkuːl tʃʰon/). Prior to the Spanish Conquest of the Yucatán, Kukulkan was worshipped by the Yucatec Maya people of the Yucatán Peninsula, in what is now Mexico.The depiction of the Feathered Serpent is present in other cultures of Mesoamerica. Standard Build for the most situations. 0 0 1. Knowing that the dark dragon was out of power to fight, Fafnir could not help but sneer at it, but was surprised to see the dark dragon unleash its hidden potential. My entries are ready, I'm just waiting on you guys. Remember this skill does not start to do damage right after the casting, it needs 0.25 secs. Odin / Yeoja / Kukulkan take top spot. [god_id] => 3 Im sorry but having both Shard and Charon's in your build is completely unnecessary. [god_id] => 7 If you are getting focused or are taking too much damage, use this build. Quick Guide for Mid Laners (S7, 7.9). SmiteFire is a community that lives to help every Smite player take their game to the next level by having open access to all our tools and resources. Smite is inspired by Defense of the Ancients (DotA) but instead of being above the action, the … Why, for the lifesteal build, would you run Pythagorem's Piece over Typhon's fang? My conclusion is that kukulkan is an easy and funny god (especially with the doggo skin) to play and follwing the tips and builds I posted here I'm sure you will have good results. IF THE ENEMY GOT BIGGER THAN YOU, YOU WILL SUFFER SO MUCH. Want to support SmiteFire with an ad-free experience? Utilizing the heroic spirits within the seal cards, they attacked the strange dragon with the elemental power.. [god] => Array Ancient Mayans. 2012-07-08 20:47:52. I like kukulkan and meme builds c: 11 Votes. If you build. ) ) However, I lack the understanding of a good quality item build. Vote. Do you know when the winners will be announced? Replace Shoes of Focus with Polynomicon late game after you buy Elixir of Speed or another item if the enemy already has anti-heal. Please consider supporting us by whitelisting us in your ad blocker! I'm not doubting you, but I haven't used it since the rework. [notes] => his cc can make you easy peasy to kill so try not to be near him to much ( I am an average player. Depends on how quickly we get our stuff in, review everything, and Wayne writes everything up. Good luck and have fun!!! Kukulkan kept swinging his sword and spear, leaving the humans with no choice but to evade. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. ( [god] => Array Does Shard still process on minions? Kukulkan is one of the playable Gods in SMITE. SmiteGuru - Smite's best source for player profiles, god stats, smite matches, elo rankings, smite guides, and smite builds. Why so many Charon's Coin? Heimdallr is probably one of the best champions in the game now. :P. Just make sure you double-check after tonight in case any other guides have been updated by today. Please keep this in mind while reading. Try to clear the wave as soon as possible, and try to don't take damage from the wave. ( Risky start that can provide stacks sooner to you, making you a higher threat also sooner, however you become vulnerable and easy to kill due the lack of mana sustain and until you have MS (. Due the book change I think it's the most viable item on him to combo with book. Don't forget to leave your up vote and/or your comment. [god_id] => 44 Kukulkan, Serpent of the Nine Winds, is a mage of the Mayan pantheon in Smite. Browse Nemesis pro builds, top builds and guides. ( The Pyramid of Kukulkan (also known as El Castillo, a name given by the Spanish Conquistadors) is central to Chichen Itza, it was built over a pre-existing Temple between 800 and 900 AD. [notes] => Her ult is literally death and if all she does is jump in and away, have fun trying to do anything other than losing half of your health And, instead of clicking a map, you use WASD to move, dodge, and fight your way through the detailed graphics of SMITE's battlegrounds. This one is just builds and a little combo guide. [scoreVal] => 3 no... ) I'm a Brazilian nice guy who likes to play FPS, Racing, Plataform and RPG games. And oh hey, looks like that's at end of day today. [display_name] => Kukulkan ( In fact, the prolonged battle was actually consuming the Human’s energy with eac 1 patch ago, at the beginning of 7.4. Anyway, don't you have a guide to write? Archived. [display_name] => Poseidon ) Items to build Ok so general items to usually get on Kukulkan. You can use it to run from your enemy or chase it or even just to proc poly if you made it. 0. If the enemy cleared his wave first, retreat to your tower. [display_name] => Odin [display_name] => Bastet Now you do a decent damage, probably you are killing a minions wave without problems using. ) SmiteGuru - Smite's best source for player profiles, god stats, smite matches, elo rankings, smite guides, and smite builds. Shoes of the Magi: Has a lot of Magic power, has mana which gives him even more magic power, has 10 penetration which makes his abilities do a lot more damage, and the movement speed is just kinda necessary. [scoreVal] => 1 Patch 7.1 updates have been added. 1, Depends on how good they are can range from SURRENDER, to he is getting spawn camped by a our assassin can really go either way, Array THANKS! Now you are stronger than ever so, time to keep shining. ) [display_name] => Kumbhakarna Close. Browse Fenrir pro builds, top builds and guides. 1, one cc and your dead / literally too fat too die, Array Kukulkan [note 1] est le nom de la divinit é pan-mésoaméricaine du serpent à plumes dans la religion maya. ) [notes] => one cc and your dead / literally too fat too die