While this may seem somewhat heretical at first, there is no arguing the fact that no one wants a mast in the middle of their double berth...! Taking some of the old standing rigging apart for inspection, I found that though the cover had faded in the tropical sun, the Vectran core was still completely intact, none of my splices had slipped, and the minimal chafing was confined to isolated spots on the cover. One method of setting a stay’sl flying is detailed in Tom Cunliffe’s book “Hand, Reef and Steer”, and while trying to replicate it from memory, I got it all backwards and ended up with my own way. Where the ends of the twine met I used them to lash a little bronze shackle tightly to the hoop. I've received lots of questions about handling a gaff rig, enough to make a separate video on the subject. This H-12 1/2 features a dark green hull made of solid fiberglass. Gaff cutter rig on a deck stepped varnished Douglas Fir mast. When all the strands were even, I serviced it over with vinyl electrical tape, then serviced over that with 1/8” nylon heading twine. Because of the size and shape of the sail, a gaff rig will have running backstays rather than permanent backstays. These rigs weren’t so wonderful upwind, so when the bermuda rig was introduced, with their efficiency and simplicity, the gaff rig fell out of favor. The tack of the jib is fitted with a toggle that attaches quickly and securely to a loop spliced in the traveller. At the bowsprit end, leathered soft eyes on bolsters, the lifelines outboard, and the jib traveller on an Antal Low-friction ring. originally developed in … Often, on the smaller, non tall ship, gaff rigs, there will be a small triangular sail that fits between the main and the mast like a puzzle piece – this is the topsail. The Process of Buying Sails, and How to Protect Your Investment, Sailing with Spinnaker Sailing - Redwood City, View the ASA COVID-19 Sailing Recommendations >>. At the top of the sail is a short spar called the gaff, which allows the sail to extend back along a fourth side, gaining size over a triangular sail of the same height. The type of rig is often a pre-ordained choice once one has determined vessel size, the preferred layout, and the maximum size of sail one can handle. The main mast also carried a gaff topsail (7), but there were at least six different types of gaff topsails. Note the sounding lead in it’s ready-to-use position. Ben puts a brummel splice into a 1/4″ Amsteel (Dyneema) lanyard. Like today, sailors wanted horsepower via sail area and fractioned rigs allowed skippers to also manage it more easily. Changing fashions. For example, just as with a traditional gaff rig, one will be handling soft Dacron lines and multi-part tackles rather than harsh stainless wire and mechanical winches. There seemed initally to be a huge array of options in the synthetic rope world, but really there were only two: Vectran, known also as “Spectra”, and Dynex Dux, which is pre-stretched and heat-treated Dyneema. What’s in a Rig Series #2 . Modern gaff design Paul Beiker and Russell Brown did a modern take on a gaff rig - it was in Woodenboat and called the PT15 (Port Townsend 15). Her striking and very vintage above water lines hide an ultra modern underwater profile which gives her incredible performance powered by the large sail of the gaff cutter rig. Cat, Sloop; Cutter; Ketch; Schooner... these are the basic configurations. You can buy very nice oak ones, riveted with copper, from any sailmaker who has a Challenge Sailcloth account, but wholesale price was $20 each, and I wanted eight, plus a spare. The gaff rig was the standard manner of rigging a sailboat a century ago and before. modern gaff rig Yard Upwind is traditionally not where gaffers are at their best, but the right sail trim makes a big difference Getting to grips with gaff T here’s no question about it: modern gaffers are go. The last reason, and most compelling, was that I could build a modern gaff rig for less than 1/3 of the cost of a Bermudian. In theory they could, but the sideways thrust from the gaff, which takes a significant compression load,  would put a frightful strain on the gooseneck. The main throat halliard holds the main gaff up, right at the mast. Boats, especially fibreglass ones, have a long intrinsic lifespan – there are still … What’s a gaff rig? Gaff rigged boats don't beat to weather very well either so a more aft center of effort wouldn't give any kind of horrible weather helm at the typical gaff-rig points of sail. The gaff rig takes advantage of high aspect sails having short gaffs, and all aluminum spars. Historically, it was a smallish single-masted, decked sailcraft designed for speed rather than capacity.As such, it was gaff-rigged, with two or more headsails and often a bowsprit of some length, with a mast sometimes set farther back than on a sloop. True, upwind efficiency might not match that of a Bermudan rig, but modern gaffers have been known to give ‘pointy-sail’ boats of similar size a run for their money. The gaff, also, is a piece of aluminum tubing, and the saddle I made out of carbon fiber, epoxy and aluminum bar stock. The forward sail is called the yankee and the one slightly behind it is the staysail. for a coastal cruising sailboat that's inexpensive and easy to build, it's hard to beat the "sharpie" type hull. The other aspect is to have reasonably widely spaced lugs joining the gaff itself to the saddle. One of the most distinctive features of gaffers is the series of hoops that keep the luff of the sail close to the mast. Recently Antal and Schaefer have been making some larger sizes in aluminum, which I’ve incorporated into Ganymede’s rig in several places. There is something so undeniably dignified and stalwart about a fully rigged, gaff-rigged sailboat making its way. 7,000 miles later, on the opposite coast, I changed to Colligo Marine aluminum deadeyes, partly because I was convinced the gaff rig was worth keeping, partly because I could afford them at last (the whole boatload cost me about $1200), and partly because the turnbuckles, although US made and of very good quality, were suffering from rust after two years of tropical cruising. These shackles also match the other places on the boat that I’ve incorporated toggles, such as the Stay’sl attachment, the jib traveller, the running backstays, and the parrel lines for the storm try’sl. I can get a "modern" sloop rigged boat for almost nothing or free and IF I wanted a gaff rig all I would have to pay for was the rig (and structural modifications necessary). Modern gaff rigged trailer sailer Safe & stable family all-rounder Double V berth & 2 full-size bunks Towable with most large saloon cars Available with inboard diesel option Modern twist with bermudan rig & contemporary This site is devoted to her anf the pleasures of sailing and living aboard her. The Hen’s gaff rig should be made ready for trailering as follows: Make up a 10’ “halyard keeper” of good quality 1/8” line. The sails weren’t made of the lightweight synthetics of today and there was solid logic involved in dividing the sail plan into pieces for the purposes of balancing and reefing in strong winds. The bow compartment, occupying the space below the foredeck, is designed so that the bottom of the mast can fit snugly in the boat when trailering with the top nestled in the sculling notch in the transom. The gaff rig and the Bermudan are the two major rigs today. This allows a fore and aft sail of a larger area, than that of a Bermudan sailing rig, to be hung from a mast of similar height. This is a very tall mast, certainly taller than her original working boat mast but allowing her to set the sail which gives her her reputation for speed. The new Vectran shrouds are fitted to the mast and loosely lashed at their lower ends before standing up the stick. One  of the best advantages of synthetic twelve-strand line is that it’s dead easy to splice, so all my shroud ends cost nothing but time and cheap thimbles (or expensive deadeyes, later, which still came in far cheaper than comparable bronze turnbuckles). - SA 9.65 m² junk or gaff rig - Weight kg - Weight full load 450 kg - Cruiser for two, daysailer for three ( CE D/3 protected waters ) Full plans in PDF with 3D building guide and photos. These were to be used for halyard shackles and sheet attachments (not jib, of course; those are tied). I hope to post some pictures here of my gaff saddle project. But I did want to show some additional detail of the typical gaff main sail. Even worse were the shackles directly in contact with the bronze chainplates. To recap that information, the luff is that vertical portion of the sail that is nearest the mast, and the leech is the vertical portion farthest away from the mast. 100 years ago, in Britain, the major sail rig for small yachts was the gaff rig adapted from fishing boats. But that doesn't mean it will work well on a "modern" hull shape, and is unlikely to work with an existing rig. The marconi rig uses stainless steel rigging and more harware. To douse the jib we simply turn enough downwind to blanket it with the mainsail, then ease the halyard and gather it onto the deck as it descends. Modern race boats have what they call a "square head mainsail" and which by any other name is in fact modern gaff rig. The flying headsails have two advantages over hank-ons. Feb 22, 2020 - Plans for gaff-rigged sailboats for amateur or professional boatbuilders. It was no fun doing a pas de deux on the end of a plunging bowsprit, trying to wrestle a wildly flapping jib down in a squall. We have done this in all conditions, including a sudden 50-knot nighttime rager, which was the only time the sail dipped into the water as we doused it. For a given weight steel is stiffer, and usually stronger, depending on the alloy. They exude beauty and carry with them a spirit that is unique and distinct. The first is that I really like gaff-headed boats:  I find in them a beauty and saltiness that can’t be found in triangular Bermudian-rigged ones. Crocker boats for sale on YachtWorld are available for a range of prices from $20,000 on the relatively more affordable end all the way up to $90,596 for the more sophisticated, luxurious yachts. Dux was only available from specialty dealers, whereas Vectran could be bought from Port Supply, with an additional full-spool discount. Time to invent. The Gaff is the spar from which a four cornered sail is hung. But I have no such hang-ups. Traditional look running rigging Ash blocks. A variation on the last installment of What’s in a Rig (the sloop) is the Cutter Rig. By: Pat Reynolds Sailboat Rigs, Sailboats. Like the ketch rig, gaff rig lovers will say that the configuration produces less heel, a more comfortable sail, better balance and more choices for reefing in heavier winds. After fidding around with some of that, I bought a spool of my own for about $15, and cutting off a couple fathoms of line wound it into an 8-inch circle. The use of round thimbles eliminates possible chafe spots. As stated above, the gaff has been been replaced by a very stiff carbon fiber batten which cantilevers over a I find this easier to open and close than an all-rope soft shackle, since there’s something different to see and feel. Modern sloops dominated the scene and continue to do so, but during the 1960s, folks began to say, “actually gaff rigs are kind of cool,” and there was something of a resurgence based on a love for history and the beauty of the rig. She is a good reaching boat but, unlike many gaff riggers, she is powerful to windward as well. It had a short luff/leading edge and a long, heavy gaff. Today, gaff rigs are still around, sailed by sailors who love what they represent and some that swear by their sailing capabilities. At the upper end of the lowers and cap shrouds I made leathered soft eyes, which go around the whole mast and eliminate shackles and thimbles. Douglas Fir topmast made by Collars in 2011. 2004 Herreshoff H 12 1/2 Gaff Rig Designed by Nathanial Herreshoff in 1914 and considered by many to be the finest daysailer ever built, Firefly was built in 2004 by the Cape Cod Shipbuilding Co. in Wareham, MA. Varnished wooden boom, gaff and bowsprit. How much do Crocker boats cost? this modern gaff rig shouldn’t perform almost as well as its bermudan brethren (as I discovered when I sailed both the gaff and bermudan versions of the Crabber 24 Mk III back in 1994, see CB78). Cockwells pilot cutter Cockwells pilot cutter . Yet other classes such as the Belfast Lough Island class yawls changed to Bermudan rig in the 1930s, but in Dublin Bay the honour of the gaff rig was stubbornly carried until 1963 by the Dublin Bay 21s, when after sixty years of Also, Dux has to be sized large enough to negate the molecular “creep” it suffers under a certain load—it’s less than the creep of plain Dyneema, but still a factor. The string trimmer line is woven into a loose sort of Turk’s head. A gaff rig employs a spar on the top of the sail and typically other sails can be set in conjunction with that mainsail with the gaff. Best of all, the entire circus, including all lines, sails and spars, came in at well under $10,000, and there’s nothing I can’t quickly fix or replace with ease using only the tools and parts I have onboard as I cruise. Well, first… what’s a gaff? But that doesn't mean it will work well on a "modern" hull shape, and is unlikely to work with an existing rig. Although it has gone through some changes through the course of history, the modern cutter rig is generally a set-up with two headsails. Being that I did have a round, straight section available, mast hoops had to be come up with. The British designer, J. Laurent Giles, showed the gaff rig the way over a half-century ago with the lovely 47-foot The gaff rig is not as efficient as the Bermuda rig, and the rig is more complicated and requires more crew for sail handling. While the schooner was originally gaff-rigged, modern schooners typically carry a Bermuda rig. Note the thimbles on the stay’sl through which the halyard descends to a turning block on deck. Description, photographs and drawings of Hout Bay 50 steel multi-chine cruising Stainless steel standing rigging to external bronze chain plates. However, the gaff rig’s greatest pull is probably its classic appearance. One is that the stay is not pulled sideways when sailing hard, but is dedicated solely to keeping the mast upright. They rest, for a bolster, on a piece of aluminum bar stock which is also the spreader attachment. ‘Cherub’, ‘Ranger’ class replaced her very modern Bermudian rig with a modern gaff, she is faster with this, particularly in strong winds. It took some research to figure out shroud materials. PBO and carbon fiber weren’t even options due to cost and availability issues, and now that we have synthetics, there’s no excuse to use any kind of metal rope for boat rigging. Galvanised rigging is used for the gaff rig versions, further reducing costs. Sure, it was bright blue, and one size bigger than my original rigging, but at 63 cents per foot, too good to pass up. Gaff rig - has a four-sided mainsail, the head of the mainsail is guided by a gaff Lateen rig - has a three-sided (triangular) mainsail on a long yard The Bermuda is the most used, the gaff is a bit old-fashioned, and the lateen rig is outdated (about a thousand years). Wanting to keep the cost of the rig down, in case it shouldn’t suit after all, I used galvanized turnbuckles from the hardware store that cost $25 each. Still, I like our new shrouds, and being more confident in their suitableness and durability I took the time to decorate the throats of the splices with fancy work—St. I made one or two like that, but much prefer my own version, which is to splice a toggle to one end of a line, then splice a loop in the other end which tightly accomodates the toggle. Since they must be made big enough around to easily slide up and down, they can’t be made to hold the sail as close in to the mast as slugs or slides in a track would. Firstly, a saddle should be as light as possible to reduce topweight. Often, on the smaller, non tall ship, gaff rigs, there will be a small triangular sail that fits between the main and the mast like a puzzle piece – this is the topsail. Gaff rig is a sailing rig (configuration of sails, mast and stays) in which the sail is four-cornered, fore-and-aft rigged, controlled at its peak and, usually, its entire head by a spar (pole) called the gaff.Because of the size and shape of the sail, a gaff rig will have running backstays rather than permanent backstays. But after learning that headsails could be set “flying”, or independent of the stay, I opted for that instead. A long soft shackle, made from a scrap of old vectran rigging, makes a handsome tyer for the stay’sl. The gaff rig hasn’t had the advantage of the development that has gone into the Bermudan rig in the past 50 years. Pair of modern Lewmar 43 self tail sheet winches. It would have to be engineered pretty heavily. In the model version,in this case used on an rc foiler, the gaff is a solid piece of extruded carbon. Safe & stable family weekender; 2 plus 2 accommodation; Towable with most large saloon cars; Available with inboard diesel option ; Shallow draught with lifting keel High-peaked gaff rig of the Cape Charles 32. Some have suggested that a strong genoa track could be bolted to any stick, and the gaff and sail slides run up that. If extra tension is needed, the fall can be lead to a sheet winch. On a gaff rig the vangs have to be adjusted, which requires skill and also more work for the crew. While some modern schooners may use triangular, Bermuda-like sails on one or both masts, traditional schooners like the one shown here have gaff-rigged sails. Gaff rig usually goes along with a hull developed along with it and just as a tall modern rig is a poor fit for many traditional boats designed for gaff rigs, so also a gaff rig is not usually suitable for a hull designed for something else. I found my gaff ketch rig tiring and heavy to handle without crew. In other words, it has *less* weight aloft (the rig has a lower vcg, and a lower ce.) Danielle’s dad does a lot of weed cutting with a heavy-duty string trimmer, and has spools of heavy plastic line lying all over the place. Sep 22, 2012 - Explore Tom Millitzer's board "Gaff Rig Cutter" on Pinterest. The stay’sl’s turning block attaches to the stemhead with a toggle: it can be easily removed and stowed aft out of the way of foredeck work, like anchoring. Now some gaffer sailors are also wooden boat purists—they wouldn’t dream of a gaff mast that wasn’t a knotty tree trunk, or a boom not adzed out of a solid spruce tree. A third is that Ganymede’s hull, a full-displacement, long keel sort, is eminently suited to such a rig. Properly designed, the modern gaff rig has a lower heeling moment than a modern high-aspect main. The mahogany woodwork is impeccable and finished bright. So Ganymede’s rig, though old-fashioned looking from afar, is really quite cutting-edge—alloy and composite spars, synthetic rope rigging, soft shackles—all of which allow me to have a very light-weight, easily handled rig that doesn’t need halyard winches and still spreads 20 square feet of mainsail more than Bermudian-rigged Cape George 31’s do with masts twelve feet taller. Gaff built by Collars in 2013, bowsprit by Collars in 2017. How to hank on headsails without chafing the soft shroud was a matter of some concern, and I initially threaded a whole bunch of round brass sailmaker’s thimbles onto forestay and jibstay before splicing eyes into them, thinking to seize toggles onto them for jib hanks. Unlike the stay’sl, that hoists by pulling upward on the halyard led through a turning block at the stem, the tack of the jib is sent out to the bowsprit end by a Vectran traveller, then hoisted with a two-part Vectran halyard the conventional way. Deck gear is to the same high quality as has become synonymous Yet in 2017, as the inevitably trend-setting America’s Cup finally comes to Bermuda for the first time, it will be raced by sailing machines – the word “boats” seems inadequate – which are setting what looks very like an extremely modern variation of the classic gaff rig. ‘Cherub’, ‘Ranger’ class replaced her very modern Bermudian rig with a modern gaff, she is faster with this, particularly in strong winds. They might also speak of the practicality of being out at sea and having the ability to make repairs to a a part of the rig with plenty of rig still intact and operational. Gaff cutter rig on a solid Douglas Fir mast, believed to be from 1990. BELOW DECKS Below decks Mystery – A modern Classic Perfect time for a rig inspection! Though in the dark ages of a decade or so ago it may have been the best option, there’s so many issues involved with fittings, crevice corrosion, weight aloft, chafe, difficulty of splicing and cost, that it’s wonderful that we can now safely move away from all that. Although it has gone through some changes through the course of history, the modern cutter rig is generally a set-up with two headsails. Ganymede’s mast: a forty-foot light pole, and fittings machined from aluminum bar stock. Here the sail has been hoisted with the gaff scandalized to let it dry. Chione T - a modern gaff rigged yacht The main mast of a brig is the aft one. See more ideas about sailboat plans, sailboat, gaff. The keel is a NACA foil shape for maximum lift and minimum drag. Mainsail, staysail and jib on a Wyckham Martin … Polly agatha might well define the term modern classic . Gaff cutter rig built new in the Falmouth refit on varnished spruce pole mast stepped through the main deck onto the keel. Chione T is the name of a gaff cutter - a Tradewind 25. What’s in a Rig Series #2 A variation on the last installment of What’s in a Rig (the sloop) is the Cutter Rig. I prefer carabiners to the shackles that rely on a split-ring or a tiny knob to pull, and I wanted to be able to quick-release all my halyards and mainsheet, since they serve other purposes from time to time. Everything as it should be. Jamaican sloops were built usually out of cedar trees, for much the same reasons that Bermudian shipwrights favoured Bermuda cedar: these were very resistant to rot, grew very … Decide on which side the rigging lines will fall as you lower the mast. Most original gaff riggers are much more expensive and have wood hulls (I'm not adverse to wood but would prefer FG. A gaff is a spar, or a strong pole. Proportion: The drawing shown below is very generic, and is intended only as a schematic to illustrate the approximate layout of a four batten junk (upper yard and boom not included in the batten count). It seemed a good time to take stock of the entire rig and replace whatever should need it. Modern gaff rigged trailer sailer. Among other advantages it allows for a superior Her combination of traditional gaff rig and modern underbody gave her performance and helm response which surprise most who sail on her. Ive been experimenting for a few years with modern version of a gaff rig. The advantage is the large area of sail high up, however the extra weight aloft brings its own complications. There’s a world of new materials out there just waiting to be incorporated into the best ideas of the past, and together the results could be amazing.