Eagle Claw has been around for a while, and this rod will be too. Rod Sections: 2Lure Weight: 1/16 - 1/2 ozLine Weight: 4 - 8 lbTaper: MediumAction: KokaneeStyle: CastingFinish/Plating: YellowWater Type: Freshwater & … Kokanee Rods come in a variety of sizes and actions. Tica KLEC802UL2 RASPBERRY COLOR Kokanee rod… That being said, the tip isn’t stiff, so you aren’t sacrificing quality for peace of mind. The blank is completely carbon, meaning that it is very durable, but still has a very high level of sensitivity. (19) 19 product ratings - EAGLE CLAW Featherlight 4 Line Weight Fly Rod, 2 Piece (Yellow, 7') #FL300-7. i took many. After a small hole is drilled, a line is dropped using an ice rod, a tiny version of a fishing rod meant to jig the bottom of a lake or suspend a hook in the mid levels. You need to descend on your parachute at some... 17 Places To Stash Your Keys When Running. After all, you need your keys to get into your house and/or car, but carrying a jangling bunch of keys when running is... We all love the outdoors! $79.99. Handsome ergonomic cork handles are easy to grip. You get everything you need to troll for trout without the costly extras that don’t add fish-catching value. Brand new series! The rods used to catch Kokanee don’t always make sense. Eagle Claw CG6MS2 Crafted Glass Spinning Rod … With only 6 lines of rods, in trolling, salmon, and trout rods, there isn’t a whole lot to discuss. My favorite fish to go after is a Stripped Bass. Perfectly matched components, such as reel seats and guides, complement every rod. Extra Rod: 13 Fishing Whiteout Rod by the Thornebros. Outdoor Troop also participates in affiliate programs with Bluehost, Clickbank, CJ, ShareASale, and other sites. please see my feedback. link to 17 Places To Stash Your Keys When Running, 13 Fishing Whiteout Rod by the Thornebros. Eagle Claw Featherlight Kokanee Trolling Rod Finally, the last one, we have our Eagle Claw Featherlight Kokanee trolling rod. Eagle Claw Featherlight (Budget Workhorse) Sometime’s you just need a rod that gets the job done and the Eagle Claw Featherlight gives 110%. Current Stock: Add to Wish List. Was: $35.99. Fiberglass construction delivers exceptional feel, durability and forgiveness. $33.75 $ 33. I am hesitant to recommend this rod, however. Compare Compare Now. This is a quality rod in more ways than one. Eagle Claw Featherlight Kokanee Trolling Rod. Free shipping. I expect a kokanee rod to have the durability to troll on a downrigger season after season, and also have the sensitivity to feel the lightest taps from smaller kokanee… (one 2 foot, eight single foot and 1 tip) One of the best Kokanee Rods out there, the Tica KLEA Kokanee Glass Fishing Rod is one of the best. But just because these rods were designed to do a certain job doesn’t mean that they won’t be able to do the things that it would need to do. However, Kokanee salmon have very soft mouths that require certain hooks, if you want to catch one. Eagle Claw Cat Claw Rods . EAGLE CLAW Eagle Claw Featherlight Fiberglass Kokanee Rod. You were happy to hear that parasailing is not like riding a roller coaster. The 2-piece rod design makes for easy storage and travel. Perfectly matched reel seats and guides.


- Backbone is ideal for soft-mouthed kokanee

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