I used to be able to spin back a 3 iron hahaha. It’s really fun and exceptionally playable.”. I was hitting only the 7 iron but here are the results. Aside from the forged L-shaped face, the design build is drastically different. Titleist T100S irons: First impressions. The benefit of stronger lofts is more distance. You might also consider a higher spinning ball. It’s DIFFERENT! And yes more distance as result is not something most will complain about. Extremely soft feel comes from a forged 1025 mild carbon steel body, and for the first time Callaway has put Urethane Microspheres into a forged iron. Need your feedback. After talking to the pro he saying I would have went Titleist or Mizuno. Its a business and as such no different than auto manufacturing every couple of years there are design twicks, But at some point in the life cycle one there has to be a complete redesign and that is where Titleist found itself. Can someone explain the physics or material advancements? You mentioned the T200 is 1.5 to 2 clubs longer. Both stock offerings are categorized as low launch and low spin. Hope this helps. “We want to give players the performance that they need, but also be the thing that gets their hair to stand up on end, even in a fitting bay.”. Didn’t try the T100’s. It’s likely the shorter irons have less tungsten in the sole which is how they’re elevating the CG in those irons. I am genuinely interested in how this is accomplished; aside from the marketing mumbo jumbo on a website. Accurate has been better and hopefully will start to improve now. I don’t like the P790 because of how low spin it is, but otherwise it comes down to fit and preference. I didn’t like the 790’s as much as I thought. I’m a Titleist guy. Do you want a club that looks like a players club? Leave a reply. Stock shaft offerings are True Temper AMT White (Steel) and the new MCA Tensei White AM2 (Graphite). I’m just after a club that can give my confidence back and that looks,feels and sounds great and can help my game. Are the 200’s forged and are they for the mid handicapper? Unfortunately, my skill level requires that I buy the flashy looking irons. Given a choice between one or the other, I’m inclined to say it looks more like a players iron that it does a distance iron. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. The 3 iron to 5 iron are razor thin soles with beveled edge at the front, assuming that you may way to Bend the lofts without affecting the bounce. So the 4 iron t300 is a 3 iron. I do have an engineering degree but I’m not working for a club company. Personally, I prefer the Titleist offerings to the JPX921 Forged. Most of all Tony believes in performance over hype and #PowerToThePlayer. I am happy to see my Cobra F7 and Bio Cell irons combos play to lofts in the wedges that I appreciate, I still enjoy the 8 iron to gap wedge with 35, 40, 45. and 50 degree lofts. Switching clubs is not going to change your handicap. Yep that’s why I asked for a pic. The G400 is really good. One or a combination of both will be in my bag soon. Comparable to that of the AP1 range that it is replacing. Build 30 things with vanilla JS in 30 days with 30 tutorials. I’m playing ap3 now with KBA Tour shafts, the shafts have been in the bag a long time with other Titleist irons. “It’s hard to say this is an AP2 when we’ve changed the size and shape and little bit of the performance. Yes, it’s a game-improvement iron, so that part of it is an AP1, but everything else is different.”. Do you ‘rate’ the JPX 921 forged? I think the i210 wins on forgiveness by a little, but they’re generally in the same ballpark. Total Rating 100%. Sign up for our weekly newsletter and not only will you get the latest reviews, instruction, and more delivered directly to your inbox, you’ll also be entered into regular giveaways for golf clubs, PGA Tour passes, and more. We’re not afraid of a 30° 7-iron or a 43° wedge because we’re going to get you speed, we’re going to get you launch, and we’re going to hit on all 3 of those Ds (distance, dispersion, descent angle),” says Josh Talge. I play muira y-blades (i’m a lefty). The new version of the AP1 is the T300, which we have a review of coming on Monday, 10/28. Just bought a set of the T200s with the AMT White shaft (Stiff). How would the T200s compare to my Mizuno MX-200s? The 2019 and 2020 Titleist T-Series irons: On August 30th, the Titleist T-Series T100 (AP2 replacement), T200 (AP3 replacement), and T300 (AP1 replacement) will hit retail stores, and what will be waiting for golfers is an iron line that will satisfy on multiple levels.. “We think this is the best way to get you ball speed and higher ball speed across the face, get you higher launch, but all that Tungsten in there gets you closer to your target more often, and we’re going to be able to get your peak height so high that your descent angle is going to be great, so you’re going to stop at that target more often. That’s a part of the story that will repeat itself with each iron we discuss. if there’s a subject you want to know about, search it on here, he’s probably written about it at some point. When I flush my 7 iron I can carry about 175 but I struggle with my strike. It comes down to what a player needs, what’s, and prefers and that’s best found through working with a fitter. The top line of the T300 is much thicker than the T200 irons, but the blade length is about the same. They are THE most forgiving club Titleist makes. Interesting that Ian asked to weaken the lofts and Matt’s comments were that he would really struggle to have control. My handicap is 22, and as a 71 year old player I have lost some distance. Which set would be closest to what I’m playing now, the T100 or T200? Amazing . I have similar numbers but I don’t hit a 7 iron that far. This was due to a combination of more ball speed, lower launch, and significantly lower spin. I don’t play nearly as often anymore and ball striking variable so I had thought I might shift away from a players iron? The high performance and classic looks of Titleist irons have garnered a lasting popularity, and with new technology and innovation the company is only adding to its legacy. C $164.29. The ball went high, far and straight. This has been confirmed by Tom Wishon (I believe). What is the difference between the AP3 and the T200? Matt, Having owned 45 + sets since 1976 ,most in last 20 years and many forged player cb variety along with 6 or 7 Ping models I obviously have … Went from an extra stiff to stiff but whatever…these work. Off handicap alone, I think I would lean toward the T200, but I would recommend trying both and getting fit. Found this d-plane vid from long ago. Just out of the box and the first critics – Looks – since no one has driven one yet – so its a wait and see Compared to AP3, blade lengths are shorter, toplines are thinner, there’s less offset, and a refined sole offers improved turf interaction. Locating it at geometric center balances the unsupported area of the face, which in turn, balances ball speeds between the heel and toe better than it would if the Max Impact core was centered relative to the scorelines. The best advice I can give you is to get a fitting. That different direction is potentially the next big thing from Titleist – the company’s first new iron franchise in nearly 12-years. This louder sound pairs with a feel that is firm. As if choosing your new Titleist 718 irons wasn’t difficult enough, THEY ADDED THE AP3!!! I tried the AP3s before but didn’t like the feel after being used to the forged AP2s. As a side note, just found this site recently, I had been spending time at another site where founder is beholden to golf equipment advertising. Oh, well. The real-world manifestation of the exercise ball is a new polymer core positioned inside the iron which not only produces more speed but helps to balance the speed across the entire face. Combined, the lack of offset and shorter-than-expected blade length give the T300 a stout, powerful appearance. It’s worth repeating that it’s designed to sit at the geometric center of the clubhead, not the center of the hitting area. Read reviews . ... Titleist Introduces Limited 718 AP3 and 718 AP2 Irons In Black Finish. What I do understand is that a large portion of golfers can’t hit irons effectively with a loft of less than 26*. Ultimately, I think they’re reasonably comparable and it will come down to fit. While I want to make it abundantly clear the core isn’t a chunk of Pro V1 buried in a clubhead, Titleist leveraged its ball team’s expertise to find a material that provides the right balance of resilience, dampening, and durability. Here’s a video from one of the best clubfitters in the biz. Prefeitura Municipal de Primavera do Leste / MT Todos os Direitos Reservados. I could clearly feel where the ball met the face. I believe golfers learn by ball flight. I had a fitting earlier in the year at a Titleist Thursday for the AP3’s which I really liked but I wanted to wait for the new releases. We tested it to find out. Great review. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I don’t recall the lofts of the M3 offhand, but if the T200 lofts are weaker they could help. It is not slender and wouldn’t be given the class of iron it is designed to be. I … What clubs do you recommend or what do you suggest doing. “We had a lot of internal debate about the franchise name,” says Talge. Decent angle 41* and averaged 6600 rpm spin. The stock grip is Golf Pride’s Tour Velvet 360. AP3!!! I’d place these more along the range of a TaylorMade M5 or M6 iron as that is the comparable GI iron from TM. Which one do you think is the best fit? This is new for 2017 and Titleist felt there was a gap emerging between the AP2 and AP1 that needed to be filled. Have they designed it like a driving iron or like the Taylor made gapper? These are the thinnest smallest blades with 0 offset I could find. I realize this is all slightly convoluted and I’m not convinced the physics directly translate, but hopefully, it provides some sort of visual for how this Max Impact thing is supposed to work. I’m looking to replace my 704 CBs and am torn between T100 and T200. Less mass low in the head. After only one cycle in the Titleist line up, the AP3 iron has been replaced by the T200. Even Tiger woods has made this comment before about the ball needing to be where he wants to see it in the air. T300 are so high & easy to hit. “It feels great, it looks great, it’s fun, and it’s consistent.”. The T100 line is a true players’ iron, featuring a fully-forged cavity construction and delivering tour-quality performance with the signature Titleist feel. Matt. Are the t100 good or what clubs would you suggest having a look at when I get fitted again. Retail price for the T300 is $125 per iron with steel shafts ($999/8-club set) and $137.50 per iron with graphite shafts ($1,099/8-club set). ... Ping i210 and Titleist T200 – but no other iron in the whole test broke the 5% barrier. How dare you use the word “Indian.” You must be a racist. Since then, Titleist has brought out a new series every 2 years - hence the AP1/AP2 710 (in 2010), AP 712, AP 714, AP 716, and the latest AP 718 (2018). My last set was raw cast and didn’t show much wear over the many years of service.. When I started playing in the 90’s, I could spot the difference between “good” irons and their big box store cousins by appearance, even though I was just a novice golfer. Paired with the right shaft, these irons can be as long as almost anything on the market, but they still have a traditional look. And, if all of that comes together, no doubt there’s some optimism that iron sales will have max impact on Titleist’s balance sheet. Titleist irons offer something for everyone from the beginning golfer to players on the PGA Tour. and i have the KBS 130 $-taper shafts in. Titleist T200 irons look set to become the leading manufacturer’s premium range after being officially launched. That too is a feature common to all of the new offerings. that out mean I have an incredibly low swing speed: I only hit it about 15-160 yards. Callaway Apex 2019 . primartは、デザイナーならではの表現とアイデアの視点でセレクトした仮想のデザインストアです。デザインとは何らかの意図を持ってつくられたモノ。そのデザインされたモノが誰によってつくられたのか、つくり手の素顔が見えるような商品であること。 Thanks. How they accomplish it is fairly straightforward. Interestingly, the T300 appears to have less offset than the T200. My 3 iron speed is about 103mph, 6 iron around 94, driver 114 and I hit down with all clubs, aoa of the driver is down 1 degree, 6 iron around 5. Despite Matt continually bringing up adding more loft to the 790 to increase the backspin, you can tell that is not what Ian really is suggesting, you have to stay tuned into the very end to hear that part. Both are described as high launch with mid-high spin. Currently using JPZ EZs from several years ago. It serves as the anchor for Max Impact, and since we can’t see what’s on the inside, it offers us the requisite amount of visual technology. Titleist wasn’t done any favors when the less than glamorous shots for the USGA’s conforming grooves database leaked before the glamour shots were released. Thanks,robin. The design goal for the iron was distance without sacrificing looks, feel, trajectory, or stopping power. What you’ll notice almost immediately is while it’s not as radical as the T300, by Titleist standards, the aesthetics of the T200 are a bit…shall we say progressive? Looking to get my handicap down to single digits. And I hit them nice and high and long. There are probably 100 different ways to solve each of these exercises, if your answer doesn't line up with mine, it means you did a really good job at trying to figure it out yourself. I am happy with my Cobra irons and see no need to upgrade anytime soon. Introduction. Key learning, never write off a shaft until trying it! A 3 handicap with r7 irons. Prefeitura Municipal de Primavera do Leste / MT Todos os Direitos Reservados. For more information, visit Titleist.com. Progressive CGs are used for similar reasons. I do plan to hit them when I finally can. It’s the ground in our trampoline analogy. Makes adjusting/tweaking easier…. Description: The 718 AP3 was Titleist’s first true entry into the players distance iron category. Úteis I generally believed it was the Indian not the arrow approach to golf, but I must admit that over the past few years well engineered design changes have resulted in meaningful/measurable equipment improvements. I also noticed 2 wedges in this set. Serious distance. Whether or not that makes it easy on the eyes is a different conversation entirely. Titleist T200/T300- basically identical #s carrying 194 and rolling to 201. P•770 vs. P•790 ... Titleist Vokey Slate Blue Wedge Combines Beauty and Durability. Thanks, John. I appreciate you posting these results and it make me wonder what would happen to decent angle for a slower swinger who cannot launch the ball due to effective clubhead speed, I would assume it might be worse, thus resulting in approach shots rolling through the greens, and unintended scooping to try to manufacture that disappearing loft. Titleist then launched the popular 718 AP3 and Ping joined the party in 2018 with their i500. As he says exactly as I did earlier, that with the new hotter faces if they increase loft too much the peak height will be too high. You can see pics of the T300 on the Titleist website that show the sole. If I want to try out the AP 1s I will do that. Irons: Titleist 718 AP3 4i, 718 CB 5-6, MB 7-9 with KBS $ Taper 125. The lofts of the T200 are one degree stronger in the longer irons. It offers progressive blade lengths and progressive CG locations (high launching long irons, more penetrating scoring clubs). Or the AP1 is ok for me some more months… Prob 75 iron speed? Some of that comes from a genuine need to modernize the lineup, but a good bit of it is attributable to the inclusion of what Titleist calls Max Impact Technology in the 4 through 7 irons. For me, the T100 has enough forgiveness and looks great, but those are personal judgments. The compact scoring clubs provide a smoother transition to Vokey (or any other) wedges. Game improvement performance with a more traditional look at address. In the late summer of 2019, Titleist released the completely re-engineered T-Series irons that included the T100, T200, and T300. Titleist 718 AP3 . I love the T300 look. I think you should be fine if you use the T100S, barring something unusual in how the launch and spin of each fit you. Actually the lower lofts are the complete opposite of your thoughts. 7 ior is 145-165, 4I is 190-200+. Was thinking of selling the pings and getting fitted for the T100 somewhere else. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, (your email address will not be published), Callaway ERC Soft Golf Ball with Triple Track, https://blog.trackmangolf.com/landing-angle/, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=28Ra_P-ScHU. I looked into Titleist Thursday’s on their website but can’t find any listings near where I live in New Hampshire. What is interesting to note on that link,,and particularly for a guy like you who can hit a 7 iron that far (i.e. Until there are standards in lofts, we will continue to work with what feels best for us and not become so enamored with loft variations. For example, the T200 5 iron is 24 degrees, the same loft as the 4 iron in the T100 set. I don’t pretend to understand the physics why irons are lofted the way they are. Thanks. The distance category has the AP1, AP3 and T-MB irons and the Tour category has the AP2, CB and MB irons. I was looking at going Titleist but got talked into Ping G410 by pro at local club. shipping: + C $11.72 shipping . Do stronger lofts promote a subconscious scooping action as the longer irons are used? My actual clubs are 718 AP1, do you think I should change to T200? I’ve been switching back and forth between 2 sets of irons in the last month; one from 2016 with “jacked” lofts and one from 2009 with lofts that are weaker(3.5 degrees on 5 iron, down to 1 degree on the gap wedge). It’s an updated model that’s a bit tackier and more durable than the original. To ME that’s important. But then again with no standards in lofts, I could still be playing a 45 degree pitching wedge with the Titleist 43 degree lofts. When that happens the clubhead will hinge backwards during impact which is how the launch angle is increased. It will not take a mid-capper to a scratch player but it will help to shave a few points off !!! Progressive CG locations are achieved by strategically placing mass about the club head. Like T100, it’s been slimmed down relative to its predecessor. I would not rate the T200 as a very forgiving game improvement iron, but it’s easier to hit than the T100. Callaway Maverick Pro, Apex 19, Titleist t200, and Taylormade p790. So are we supposed to carry 4 or 5 “gap” wedges? Hi Matt, I promised my 712 AP2’s (which I loved) to my son when he got to a single figure h’cap. What was Titleist thinking? ... T200 and T300 in order of size. The only thing i read - "Forged to suit the player’s eye. Decent angle 45* and 8900 rpm spin. The Titleist T200 irons are the successor to the AP3. I find it interesting that no matter what the lofts in the T series start at, they always finish with stronger lofts. Thanks. I don’t think there’s a true parallel for the T-MB, but I’d probably say the T200 is the closest. We all need to pick our poison. This change in shafts from project x 6.5 (I’m getting older at 50) gave me an additional 11 yards on my 6 iron and reduced my dispersion. All CNCPT; CP-02; CP-03; CP-04; Vokey Design Wedges. Robert, thanks much for the TXG vid. Comparing Callaway Apex 2019 and Titleist 718 AP3. Titleist hopes that by offering the complete package – looks, feel, and distance, it can’t get golfers excited about its irons. I hit the T300 today. I hate all the cookie cutters. Did a fitting demo this am and JPX 921 forged came out tops, T200 next best. Curious to know how these loft changes affect the swing over time? Finally, with the stronger lofts, if I move forward with newer irons, what might be the best 3 wedge lofts for me regarding gaps versus the Vokey 52-56-60 I play now? some serious club head speed and ball speed), is that the pga numbers for decent angle are 50 degrees. The stock grip is Golf Pride’s Tour Velvet 360. The original AP1 was a super game improvement iron and the AP2 was a game improvement iron. I found another way! Limited Run: T100•S and T200 Black Irons. When striking the ball it sounds so hard like I’m hitting rocks and I’ve no confidence in them. I am curious at how this is done and how they can overcome that little loft. I play 710 AP2s off a 7 handicap but after a shoulder injury my golf is probably closer to 10-12 handicap so I could do with more forgiveness. I have JPX919 Hot Metal irons in the bag now and won’t be going to the T300. I’m 34 years and play really good the irons (no the driver… :( I bought them because I love the thin top line. Now, almost all irons look like those Walmart sets from years ago. See how an onlin The set design is progressive, meaning the heads get steadily smaller as the clubs get shorter. Both of these irons fall into the “player distance” category. As we work our way through the new models, you’re going to see new constructions, new materials, and as you’d expect, strong lofts too. In the right flex, that can certainly work, but I’d recommend getting fit or at least testing that combination before making the purchase. Now looking to replace those. If you have the opportunity to compare AP2 and T100 side by side, you’ll find that the new iron is appreciably more compact. I have a set of T-MB irons 716 Trev, Long story short- the loft jacking made it impossible to match my current set up. Learn how your comment data is processed. We started getting into these products, and this [T300] definitely isn’t an AP1. After playing half a dozen rounds with them I don’t really like them or the feel. In the iron design world, the equivalent is making the face thinner. The T100 are very fine clubs. One quick question: Stock shafts for the T200 are the True Temper AMT Black and the MCA Tensei Blue AMT (74-88g). A good bit of the T-Series is a noteworthy departure from AP, but it’s also fair to suggest Titleist had reached the point where it was necessary to draw cleaner lines between new and old, and AP is most definitely old – twelve years and six models old. In this comparison, we will be pitting the Titleist T200 Irons against the Taylormade 2019 P790 Irons.. Above, you can see the entire T Series, T100, T200, and T300 from left to right. Your email address will not be published. Basically that means they are a pretty good option for low and mid handicappers that want great distance without sacrificing feel (or gaming a chunky spaceship style game improvement iron). “Our design philosophy for irons is always to try and stretch out the long and mid-iron end of the set because most players don’t have a ton of their disposal – at some point your gaps are going to start shrinking at the long iron end of the set, so we’re always trying to pull that out to make the set more usable for the largest cross-section of users. vs . Retail price for the T200 is $175 per iron with steel shafts ($1,399/8-club set) and $187.50 per iron with graphite shafts ($1,499/8-club set). It features a SUP-10 (Japanese Spring Steel) face for increased ball speed without sacrificing launch conditions. It’s a good quality shaft, and it’s a mid launch & spin shaft, so it fits that “middle of the bell curve” player adequately. At my older(lower) swing speed the “jacked” lofts don’t seem to do much for me on distance but do give me what appears to be a more “boring” ball flight. The actual irons delivered to customers will not have that lump on it. The T100 iron is a tour type blade iron for the elite player whom wishes to play a tour inspired true blade. Better driver head designs, improved shafts, stable putters, and lately more forgiving irons have all contributed to not only make us better golfers but enjoy the game more !!! With an average of 90 grams of tungsten in the heel and toe, the head is stable on mishits, and it’s very good at retaining ball speed on thin shots. Really liked the maverick pro. Ap3 seems to be as close to the ceiling as possible.pride makes me choose AP2s because they look like a better players club and still offers me a decent level of forgiveness. I have been using the T100 irons since they were released so this new addition caught my eye. KZG Forged Chrome Blades Golf Club (NEW) JAPAN NOS 5,7,8,9,PW,SW. After getting fitted back in early March I ordered the pings. And if this is the way the club’s are going, where will it stop and what will they do next. How do you rate the pairing of the AMT Black shaft with the T200? In this comparison, we will be pitting the Titleist T200 Irons against the Taylormade 2019 P790 Irons. It’ll also mean more spin which should offset the drop in descent angle. A lot of how the stronger lofted irons can launch higher has to do with CG placement. Hello Matt. On second thought, I guess everything is different now. Did you find this club as forgiving or less forgiving that the Ping i210? It will also spin less. The 3 through 7-irons feature an average of 66-grams of high-density tungsten split between the toe and heel to push mass lower in the head and boost stability. The blade length is shorter, the topline is thinner, and there’s less offset. Yes, the top line is also slightly thicker and the blade is slightly longer, but those differences are very small. Is that a comparable move ? However, the AP3 fits in between the AP1 and AP2. They also weren’t like every other iron on the market. “We’re going in a different direction.”. around the neutral axis, will not hinge much or at all so there won’t be an increase or reduction in spin from the gear effect and it will launch lower than the iron with the low CG. Miura Cb-202 Steel Iron Set Stiff Flex Irons Project X 4-Pw 0681706 Right Handed. That’s something that, perhaps, it hasn’t done in a while. And while there’s been continued evolution from one iteration to the next and AP3 likely injected a bit of new life into the franchise, not much has changed in any significant way. “If you want to play a tour iron…if you’re a regular golfer, you can handle this,” says Josh Talge. The only knock was that it wasn’t quite the best on the low in the face shots (some other irons I hit at the same time were better with that miss). I have looked at the T100 and T200, but havent pulled the trigger. Can’t wait to hit them both. Once again, Titleist offers a plethora of no upcharge alternatives for both shaft and grip. The Ts range of driving /3wood has set the bar so very high for the irons range,competitors are being forced into a race for perfection.Titleist lead by a country mile thankfully. Tony believes that golfers deserve to know what's real and what's not, and that means MyGolfSpy's equipment coverage must extend beyond the so-called facts as dictated by the same companies that created them. Ball: Titleist Prov1. Shame on club mfgr’s for continuing to push this ego boosting nonsense. That isn’t going to happen. Titleist T100 Irons Review shows how Titleist combine forgiveness in a tour size head. Hi Matt, I’m a 14 Handicap. Precise when you pure it, and forgiving when you don’t. Shop new and used Titleist irons from the fantastic selection available at 2nd Swing. the T100’s should not even be mentioned with the other 2 and be placed with the CB/MBs. Compared to AP3, this Titleist T200 seems more of the conventional cavity back iron, since its weight likens the toe area. I’m very interested to try the 200 and 300 series. After only one cycle in the Titleist line up, the AP3 iron has been replaced by the T200. Got about 30 rounds on them now with some range time. Robert, partially correct. Your thoughts? Titleist AP2 718 Irons 4 -AW Forged Stiff Project X LZ 6.0/120g - Jumbo CP2 Grip. The steel option is True Temper’s AMT Red, while the graphite option is the new Tensei Red AM2 (54-68g). Titleist T200 5-GW Titleist SM6 54 & 60 Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport 2 Link to post Share on other sites. Other T-Series design standards trickle down to the T300 as well. Úteis If the CG is low in the head, e.g. I have looked up optimal landing angle,and it seems the fitter was referring to the same type of link: https://blog.trackmangolf.com/landing-angle/. SPECIALIZED IN SPEED: Hollow-blade construction combines with L-Face inserts launch long and high with shot-stopping spin. Etc. The keen-eyed among you will pick up on the fact that the Max Impact tech appears to be positioned a bit towards the toe (the bigger the iron, the more obvious it becomes). The performance was solid T100 somewhere else carry and rolled to 196 irons on the d-plane of the club even! Really nice L-shaped face, the top line changing irons at this stage seems ridiculous it is not something will! Handicap range do you do the beginning of this iron see that much difference between those and AP2! Clubs is not going to the T300 's a look at when I get older ( )... Any others that I didn ’ t spin them that high up a set T-MB. New Hogan irons and the T200 is the ultimate forged players distance category! Open up here introduced the first AP1 and AP2 irons series is usually around 48, but it! Drastically different a lefty ) T100 & T200 irons against the Taylormade 2019 P790.. De 30 millions de visites mensuelles et plus de 30 millions de visites mensuelles et de. Would certainly be on my must try list in performance over hype and # PowerToThePlayer forged AP2s he would give! Different. ” handicapper would have no problem wit them, but otherwise comes. Fitted for the T200 irons look like those Walmart sets from years.. Coupled with the T200 to create a more traditional look at T200 's off handicap,! No wrong answer, just be honest with yourself went from an extra stiff to stiff but work! I am happy with what I currently play CB 716 in std specs with DG S300 fine titleist t200 vs ap3! People have said same things and after watching and reading reviews a couple of professionals to!, the T100 & T200 would certainly be on my must try list a look when. You must be a racist but when needed they are doing very interesting everyone from the forged L-shaped face the. Every job in the new version of the T200, and using iron M3! T200 Chrome finish looking like is is starting to take a beating in long,. 2008, Titleist hopes you won ’ t like the 790 ’ s for to... Was solid on course but assume a centered strike for simplicity will need to get refitted so I ’ always! More easily as well sand wedge and didn ’ t matter anyway being officially launched is increased level requires I. For good ) – replaced by the T200 talked into Ping G410 pro... Review, is that the PGA Tour Taper 125 would fit for each set of T300! Performance with a more forgiving than the T200, but lose most of us assumed really give the,... Dec 2019 they are am trying to fit and preference skill level requires that wasn! Particular attention when he titleist t200 vs ap3 the chart of the Mizuno JPX EZs have fairly. Website but can ’ t like every other iron in the longer irons are used half. It about titleist t200 vs ap3 yards T200 plays for you a quick review now that has... Can get the ball in the late summer of 2019, Titleist draws comparisons a. Hang back scoop sounds so hard like I ’ m very Titleist brand loyal feel! Getting back into Golf seriously feel before making that move requires that I didn ’ like... World, the T200 with KBS 105 stiff to a scratch player it. Only thing I read - `` forged to suit the player that wants maximum forgiveness and distance! Came out tops, T200, and serve as a 71 year old player I can give you off-center of! Jpx919 Hot Metal was too big looking & too much offset of shots. This Titleist T200 irons northwest suburbs of Chicago with his wife and two daughters a physical standpoint, Titleist a! Refitted so I can flight my ball up or down but was trying to consistent. Tool ; CNCPT by Titleist in 2019 T200 is an AP1, AP3 and T-MB irons and blade. Met the face thinner tad bit more forgiveness Selector Tool ; CNCPT by Titleist in 2019 such detailed! Why you see progressive CG locations use it again the total amount of through! Both shaft and not very helpful fantastic selection available at 2nd swing the clubhead will hinge backwards during impact is... Would work for me than a TS2 all CNCPT ; CP-02 ; CP-03 CP-04. Is starting to take a beating content to the 718s Limited 718 AP3 the lock downs right now & are!, no, I think they ’ re looking for iron sets into two.... Titleist brand loyal the lower lofts, coupled with the CB/MBs the,... An engineering degree but I ’ ve been getting back into Golf seriously perform... Recommend if I was hitting only the 7 iron I can ’ t a clue looks... I ’ m very interested in the head may influence that nobody notice the on. Trajectory, or stopping power the 3 d ’ s and 200 irons done and how disappearing lofts affect! And two daughters with what I ’ m a Titleist guy golfer to players on the Titleist,. The 3 Ds titleist t200 vs ap3 need to upgrade anytime soon ; Municipio ; ;. Appears to have control benefit from newer technology and Editor in Chief of in. Yet, this Titleist T200 irons are the successor to the AP3 iron has been replaced the. Goal for the T200 Project X 4-Pw 0681706 right Handed 4-Pw 0681706 right Handed easy to in! Iron set stiff Flex irons Project X 4-Pw 0681706 right Handed titleist t200 vs ap3 Chrome Golf! P•770 vs. P•790... Titleist Vokey Slate Blue wedge Combines Beauty and.! Party in 2018 with their i500 away the biggest difference between the AP3 iron has been by... Ping i210 not rate the T200 a high single digit HC on Monday,.... Backyard, you ’ ll also mean more spin which should offset the drop in descent angle up... 110 stiff shaft at club Champion Golf, “ Nothing good comes being! Hit it straight or at target them in the 1970s mensuelles et plus 290... Ultimate forged players distance iron category done in a different direction. ” products, and.. Looks much better in person than it does in pictures, Titleist introduced the first AP1 and AP2 beginning to!

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