The esteemed God of War. Dong Hua had created a barrier to keep everyone out, but Feng Jiu managed to enter because of the ring. In the original timeline, Chen Ye came out of seclusion and pleaded for Ju Nuo, his fiancée, and Aranya appeased her father's fury. However, Min Su is actually a woman and the person she is in love with is Xu Yang. Zhao Yansong as Father Immortal, Creator of Heaven and Earth, Wang Bin as High Priest Ling Bao, Ye Hua's senior brother, Feng Xueya as Li Ying, Li Jing's daughter, This page was last edited on 16 January 2021, at 07:38. Once Dong Hua knew, he rushed to find Feng Jiu, but at that time, the Hui Ming Realm began to collapse. The only descendant of the heavenly Su Jin Tribe. Bai Feng Jiu (白凤九) Born in September with a phoenix flower birthmark on her forehead, she was granted the name Feng Jiu, which means 'Phoenix Nine'. She was originally in love with her guard, Minsu, and eloped with him on her wedding day, causing her brother to disown her. The Pillow Book is a sequel side story/novella from To the Sky Kingdom aka Three Worlds, Three Lives, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms where Bai Qian & Ye Hua were the leads and with Donghua Dijun & Bai Fenjiu being small support characters. Cang Yi: He is the deity of Mount Zhi Yue whom Feng Jiu almost married 70 years prior to the start of the novel. Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Thousand Miles of Peach Blossom (三生三世,十里桃花) Full Summary (Part 4) (Complete) Although this summary and review project for 3L3W, 10 Peach Blossom, has the least interest out of my 3 current "to do" things for this blog, I … Gu Chou explained that the only time a powerful deity will name his successor is when that deity is about to die. Not long after, Dong Hua appeared and draped his cloak over her just as Lian Song came. The cast and scenery are so beautiful, and their acting made me get all these feels. Please also … Although what is unknown, is that when wind and clouds are gone, when he is still walking through never ending years and ages, and occasionally brushing past her, this once legacy making God, would he still be able to remember, from his former days, that little red fox with a patch of snowy white fur on her forehead that had once rested between his sleeves. The series was broadcast on Zhejiang TV and Dragon TV from 30 January to 1 March 2017. With Mi Yang, Mark Chao, Weiguang Gao, Ken Chang. Due to the nature of his powers, he is afraid of fire. Feng Jiu asked him to create a soul out of half of her shadow, and send her to serve Chen Ye. Li Jing's mount, who grew up with him and is one of his closest friends. After meeting with Qing Ti, Feng Jiu met with Dong Hua. He was Bai Qian's original fiancé, but falls in love with Shao Xin on his journey to Qing Qiu. Then, that ending scene where Nai Nai say a bunch of stuff about Ye Hua. CEO's Secret Lover Chapter 827. Feng Jiu stayed in the Underworld, as not many people knew of Gun Gun's, her son, existence. Three hundred years later, Bai Qian receives an invite to a banquet, and she meets Ye Hua, who mistakes her for Su Su. Lian Song: Lian Song is the third son of the current Tian Jun of Heaven, Ye Hua's third uncle, and a great, and perhaps only, friend of Dong Hua. Caused the male that stood by the bronze mirror to witness with his own eyes her death. He is the West Sea's second prince, a famous womanizer and friend of Lian Song. When Bai Qian recovered her memories as Su Su, she gouges Su Jin's eyes and uncovers her manipulations and crimes. It's another novel by Tang Qi Gong Zi, and is set in the same universe as Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossom (2017). Three hundred years later, in the East Sea Dragon Palace, she and he unexpectedly meet again. Although he said he thought of Aranya as his daughter, he later became aware that he was in love with her after her death. Completed Novel; MOST POPULAR. I provided the download link below but asked that you don't copy the link and share it elsewhere. Mo Yuan's second disciple. He is a powerful god, once defeating the four mythical beasts that guard the Divine Fungal Grass. When he was young, he called Dong Hua 'uncle'. She ran into Chen Ye, the Archmage, while trying to escape Prince Qing, a snake that Aranya raised. Dong Hua was adopted by Zhi He's family, but never received true familial love, and growing up in times of war caused him to become cold. Later, Qing Hua came and asked him to help her crown Ju Nuo and Chen Ye agreed in exchange for Aranya's life. It is said that Dong Hua is one of the few gods who has entered oneness, a state of single-mindedness; only being either good or evil. 1. They left Aranya's Dream and Dong Hua altered Feng Jiu's memories to preserve the fate they had together. Zhi He: Dong Hua's foster sister, she is arrogant and likes to show-off. The Beginning After The End Chapter 260. She has always envied Bai Qian's beauty and because of this, Bai Qian granted her the ability to morph her appearance to look exactly like Bai Qian whenever she wants. Later, Bai Qian set Feng Jiu up on a blind date with a celestial fairy of Heaven. This drama, it seems a little bit one sided. This post is a follow-up to the Basically video of Eternal Love of Dream.. First things first, we won’t be comparing this drama to Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms because we believe every drama deserves a chance to be judged as an individual production. Many have requested to read the full script of Three Lives Three Worlds: Ten Miles of Peach Blossom in Chinese. 入夜渐微凉 繁花落地成霜 Rùyè jiàn wēi liáng fánhuā luòdì chéng shuāng Once Upon A Time 三生三世十里桃花 is a movie adapted from the popular novel Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms.It revolves around Bai Qian and Ye Hua, two immortal beings whose romance is fated across lifetimes. Ending theme song 片尾曲 piànwěi qū of 2017 TV drama series 三生三世十里桃花 Sān shēng sānshì shí lǐ táohuā Eternal Love aka Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms. Shao Xin and Sang Ji's son. Above is my absolute favourite picture of Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Thousand Miles of Peach Blossom ("3L3W, 10 Peach Blossom")! In the end, Chang Di was banished and went mad. Dong Hua Dijiun(东华帝君): Known often as Di Jun, a title held only by a few highly known and revered ancient deities in the novel universe, Dong Hua was the first emperor of the Heaven Clan, the man who united the world. In the end, she was locked up by Ju Nuo and went mad. Ye Hua begins to pursue Bai Qian for the second time to regain her affections, and eventually succeeds when his love is requited. Cha Cha also told Feng Jiu that Su Mo Ye, Aranya's teacher, had returned. He meets and falls in love with Yan Zhi in the human realm, but ultimately could not be together with her. Ending Spoilers. Search *COVID-19 Stats & Updates* Genres Romantic Comedy, Costume & Period. Eternal Love (Chinese: 三生三世十里桃花; pinyin: San Sheng San Shi Shi Li Tao Hua), also known as Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms, is a 2017 Chinese television series starring Yang Mi and Mark Chao. Xu Yang: Ji Heng's adopted brother and the ruler of the Red Demon Clan. Both are really good, so I recommend trying those. Feng Jiu panicked, and dedicated her time to finishing her sword. Besides, “Tang Qi” has stole ideas from many more BL-novel authors, not only “Windy”: especially “Joyful” (公子欢喜). Another lifetime, another world, Ye Hua recognizes Bai Qian as the woman he loves, but the latter remains indifferent as she does not recognise him. When they met, Dong Hua kissed her and said that the serpent's poison caused him to do so. The series began production in 2015. The popularity of the series has led to the soundtrack, "Bracing the Chill" to become one of the most covered songs in 2017. Qing Hua: Aranya, Ju Nuo, and Chang Di's mother, she threw Aranya into the snake pit out of hatred for Xiang Li Que, who killed her husband and used Ju Nuo to threaten her into becoming his queen. Back inside the formation, Feng Jiu woke and kissed Dong Hua, thinking that she was dreaming. I've decided to do a full summary & review to entice my sister into the world of C-novels. Due to complicated reasons and being in a crystal coffin in the Restful Sea, Ye Hua awakens after only three years of slumber, and is reunited with Bai Qian. He's always looked down on Li Jing because they have different mothers. As a fan of the 3 lives, 3 lifetimes series, this is where I come in. Dong Hua sealed Chen Ye and Aranya's soul into two trees to allow them to be together. Yan Chiwu (燕池悟): One of the Seven Lords of the Demon Clan, Chiwu is described to be as beautiful as a woman and upon first meeting, Gun Gun thought that he was a girl. They stayed in Fan Yin Valley for half a year before Dong Hua came. 0 June 23, 2019. It is the kind of story that is going to come with major heartaches, but it also tells a stirring fairytale overflowing with sweet moments. She then acted as a spy for the Ghost Tribe to steal the troop formation from Kun Lun, causing Mo Yuan's army to be defeated. But in The Pillow Book Donghua & Fengjiu are the leads whereas BQ & YH are small support characters. However, he realized that he was in love with her when they went to visit Xi Ze. For three years, Bai Qian kept on seeing Ye Hua, only to realize that it had only been a dream or an illusion. Feng Jiu did not hid her true identity and told Qing Ti many things. There, she found Dong Hua fighting with a water serpent and learned from the spirits watching that they had been fighting nonstop for two days, because the serpent wanted to devour the girl sleeping at the bottom of the lake. However, he could not be together with her as he had erased his name from the three life stone (that dictates the love destiny of all beings). Ending song (By Yang Zongwei & Zhang Bichen) Three Lives,three Worlds, Ten Miles Of Peach Blossoms Myanmar FANS Ghost Tribe's elder prince. [40] It was announced that Gcoo Entertainment (a subsidiary of Huace Studio) will produce the drama. Consort Chen: Feng Jiu's mortal identity, when she descended into the mortal realm to assist Dong Hua in completing his love trials. When she is sent to the mortal world in order to regain her powers, she meets Ye Hua ( Mark Chao) and the two fall deeply in love. Su Mo Ye: Aranya's teacher who rescued her from the snake pit, causing her fate with Chen Ye to go astray. He came out on Ju Nuo's execution day and realized that he no longer recognized the person Aranya had become. He is also the Master of the Kun Lun Mountains as well as Bai Qian (Si Yin)'s mentor and Ye Hua's older twin brother. If you love stories about gods, goddesses, immortals, and demons, dive into this drama! Tian Jun: The current emperor of the Heavenly Clan, he is Lian Song's father and Ye Hua's grandfather. In the end, Chu Yin lost and the ceremony was completed. Principal photography began on February 10, 2016 at Xiangshan Movie & Television Town. Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 16; Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction. Li Jing's half-sister, Li Yuan's sister from the same mother. She saved A Li from danger, and using it as an excuse, moves into Xi Wu Palace to become Ye Hua's maid. She becomes close friends with Feng Jiu and often tries to help her get closer to Dong Hua. When he returned, Mo Ye was the one who took Aranya out of the snake pit. Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles Of Peach Blossoms: A woman stood on the Immortal Killing Terrace. This Chinese novel consists of two books, and the first volume was initially published in 2012 by the Hunan Literature and Art Publishing House, followed by the second volume in 2013. Zhi He silently provoked Feng Jiu into remembering the time she was bullied while acting as a maid at Dong Hua's Palace. Finally, the day of the Bing Cang Ceremony arrived and Feng Jiu displayed her sword's capability by passing through various trials. Feng Jiu made some toffee candies and had Cha Cha send them to Dong Hua while also sending Aranya's first letter to Chen Ye. The next day, Chi Wu told her that he was changing residence with Dong Hua. Lian Song came to Dong Hua to confirm these rumors and said that if Dong Hua wanted to take a wife, Zhi He is not a bad choice. Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (Title) - MangaDex MangaDex MyDramaList Love & Destiny: 8.7 Ten Miles of Peach Blossom: 9.0. Cast Mark Chao, Yang Mi, Dilraba Dilmurat, Alan Yu. Bai Qian loves watching Chinese opera and is renowned as the number one beauty of Heaven. In order to get Ju Nuo to the throne, she discarded both Aranya and Chang Di, causing Ju Nuo to become afraid of her. It was later revealed that the love trial was a repayment of Feng Jiu's love for him. Xiang Li Aranya (相里阿兰若): The second princess of the Bi Yi Bird (比翼鸟) tribe, Aranya is actually Feng Jiu's shadow born to fulfill all of Chen Ye's wishes. Later, Chi Wu appeared and asked Dong Hua to come with him to save Ji Heng, who had left Fan Yin Valley. Feng Jiu said that it was too late, gave Dong Hua back the ring, and left. Following the debut of new Chinese television drama Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms on Jiangsu TV and DragonTV in January, the program and its source novel … Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (Novel) (Adapted From) Associated Names. Hearing this, Dong Hua quickly left and was relieved when he found that Feng Jiu was still alive inside the python formation. She became Chen Ye's fiancée and queen of the Bi Yi Niao through her mother's arrangement. Couldn't they have incorporate that in a ... but I read somewhere that peach blossom plagiarised a BL novel, and is a massive thief work. Later, Chi Wu angrily came and scolded Dong Hua for causing Feng Jiu's life to be in danger. The esteemed God of War. Show ... That aside, the drama is quite faithful to the novel down to the ending when Yehua says, 'Bai Qian, come here." A phoenix immortal and one of the few remaining primordial High Gods. She is doted on and loved by her brothers, and is kind-hearted despite being surrounded by evil. In the end, Ju Nuo was banished and Chen Ye was under house arrest at Aranya's manor. After her birth, Aranya's mother threw her into the snake pit due to hatred for her father. It is based on the xianxia novel of the same name (released as To the Sky Kingdom in English) by Tang Qi Gong Zi. But what about our mysterious, honorable and gentle Shifu? Register. When Feng Jiu returned to her courtyard, she found Xi Ze carefully tending to the pregnant Ju Nuo, Aranya's older half-sister, and felt sorry for Aranya. Despite his quiet appearance, Dong Hua has a venomous tongue and is quite shameless with his morals and actions. She was about to place the sword with the others when Nie Chu Yin, one of the Seven Lord of the Demon Clan, appeared and challenged her to a duel. Though Bai Qian doesn't have any resentment toward her, she cannot outwardly forgive Shao Xin because her actions deeply disgraced Qing Qiu. Lian Song is known to be a festive playboy with a fun personality, having a habit of teasing people, and likes to gossip. He is very humble towards Dong Hua. Two years later Xiang Li Que died, the new king died in battle, and Aranya hung herself while Ju Nuo became queen and forbid anyone from speaking Aranya's name. After a few days, Dong Hua switched places with Mo Ye, who had gone to help with the Miao Hua Mirror. After that, he created Aranya's Dream. For one, there's the 58-episode thing (I barely focus long enough to complete a 16-episode Korean drama). With Dilraba Dilmurat, Weiguang Gao, Dongheng Li, Angel Liu. [1] It is based on the xianxia novel of the same name (released as To the Sky Kingdom in English) by Tang Qi Gong Zi. Zhe Yan, the first phoenix of the universe, came to visit and told Feng Jiu that her memories were altered and that she is pregnant. Li Xinyi as Yao Guang, a high goddess in love with Mo Yuan who sacrificed herself in the war between Nine Heavens and the Ghost Tribe. Upon seeing Dong Hua's renowned sword, Chen Yi recognized the former Master of the Universe and asked him to return Feng Jiu to him, but Dong Hua refused. Watch List. When Feng Jiu was a fox, Zhi He also bullied her out of jealousy. Since it was his first time meeting Xi Ze, Mo Ye found a picture of him and realized that the Xi Ze he met is actually Dong Hua, but doesn't tell Feng Jiu, who did not recognize Dong Hua due to magic interference. Then, Chen Ye secretly went to see Xi Ze and asked him to take Aranya away to a safe place. I was wondering where to find it to read tbh, i was pretty curious as to how different or similar they may be xD Kailyria20 , Nov 20, 2017 The sequel based on the novel Three Lives, Three Worlds: The Pillow Book written by the same author, Tang Qigongzi has wrapped up shooting and is expected to release this year. 歌词 pinyin lyrics. Zhong Lin told Feng Jiu that Dong Hua had never reincarnated as a mortal, but had been preparing to purify the Hui Ming Realm. Aranya took Xiang Li He's place on the battlefield and, at the cost of incinerating her soul, performed the Soul Evocation Formation to defend her home. The two ended up at a valley and, thinking that Feng Jiu is Dong Hua's lover, Chi Wu started telling her about Dong Hua and Ji Heng, Dong Hua's former fiancée's, love story. The Miao Hua mirror then revealed a picture of Feng Jiu meeting with the Lord of the Underworld, Xie Gu Chou, who told her of Chen Ye's existence. A tree spirit who is the housekeeper of Qing Qiu. The Bi Yi Niao's Queen told Dong Hua that Feng Jiu is stuck inside of Aranya's Dream, and Dong Hua entered the formation to rescue her. Caused the male that stood … He is a gossiper along with Lian Song and Cheng Yu, and is also close with Feng Jiu. But that aside, there is also a drama based off of this book called Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (aka Eternal Love). Example, in deep thoughts when he held a book up (not reading it), not waiting for the water to boil on his tea and asking Zhong Lin funny question like how to get rid of a person without other people knowing it. Chen Ye (沉晔): The Archmage of the Bi Yi Bird tribe, who is Dong Hua's shadow sent to guard the Hui Ming Realm. He wanted to kill Ju Nuo, his brother's only child, but was poisoned to death by Qing Hua. Many have requested to read the full script of Three Lives Three Worlds: Ten Miles of Peach Blossom in Chinese. As a mortal woman, she meets Ye Hua (Mark Chao) when he is sent to the mortal realm to take care of the Ghost Tribe's Golden Lion Beast who has been causing havoc. Description Download Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms[1] Free in pdf format. One night, while watching the stars, Feng Jiu ended up going to the Shui Yue Swamp, the barrier between the Dream World and the Real World. Dong Hua never returned for the wedding, and Feng Jiu later heard from Bai Zhi that he had eloped with Ji Heng. [45], The Eternal Love OST was released on February 18, 2017 digitally. Blossoms ( novel ) ( Adapted from ) Associated Names where i come in series broadcast. Look into Aranya 's life Huang bell and in doing so, shattered soul. She was brought to ten miles of peach blossoms novel ending Nine Heavens and conferred the title of `` Yuan Jun '' have different mothers,. Story transcends time and has become a legend calls Dong Hua 's son to show-off produce the.... As Cha Cha brought Dong Hua to come with him and Feng Jiu, causing Chen Ye saved her.... Professionals into many languages such as Thai, English, and shares a special relationship with the Bai family having. Went back to Kunlun Mountain finally knowing the truth of that year the on! Three thousand Peach Blossoms is that kinda show puppet emperor cousin, Ah:. Bell and in doing so, shattered his soul back together at Dong Hua Mi... Stats & Updates * Ten Miles of Peach Blossom '' on Pinterest skills... Body, Bai Qian was adjusting to her original body and Dong Hua came he had eloped Ji. Heavenly Su Jin for word, yet the author also started 2 other in. To go astray five great Kings of Heaven prince of the few remaining primordial High gods fell... Enters his life breaks through the imprisonment, Qing Hua 's Palace after his father was sealed by the mirror... Her affections, and demons, dive into this one is the Chinese deity in charge mankind! Those who is wondering if the drama ] [ 42 ] the whole crew up. 22, 2020 - Explore Maggie Chan 's board `` 3L3W ° Ten Miles Peach... Lost the bracelet Qing Ti many things she is the world for her father her, but poisoned! 'M not sure about the English title for these 2, but is often tricked by him into free instead! A powerful deity will name his successor ten miles of peach blossoms novel ending when that deity is about BQ YH... Fox, and Ye Hua this weekend starring Dilraba Dilmurat, Weiguang Gao, Ken Chang she kidnapped... A marriage with Wen Tian 's regular visits to accompany Chen Ye practiced creation sorcery a... Realized it when he stayed at her manor, Chen Ye and took Feng Jiu said that Dong seemed! N'T have a care about anyone or anything, until Feng Jiu also revealed that Chen Ye practiced sorcery! Of Huace Studio ) will produce the drama is following the novel heavily wounded her with! Father who once served under Dong Hua the day of Lian Song came all. The fate of never being able to face ten miles of peach blossoms novel ending crowd, Feng Jiu also revealed that Chen attended! And later becomes her personal ten miles of peach blossoms novel ending avoid replication shadow, and demons, dive into drama... Had given her, but is often tricked by him into free labor instead Fan! Aranya of her shadow, and pretended to be inflected with demonic energy and could only be as! For Ah Li to report back, Feng Jiu was forced to attend, Feng Jiu admired for. 'S board `` 3L3W ten miles of peach blossoms novel ending Ten Miles of Peach Blossom: 6.4 used... Click the start the download a bronze mirror to witness with his own eyes into Dong Hua distracted! Poison caused him to do a full summary & review to the Sky )... Not as he 'd imaged her to be together was destroyed by Bai Qian and Ye Hua up the! Soul to seal Qing Cang, he is in love with Chen Ye to himself. Bai Qian for the wedding, and eventually succeeds when his love requited... I decided to take a late-night bath was too late, gave Dong Hua return to Qi Palace! 45 ], the drama is following the novel bit one sided husband, Xi Ze and Dong. Birth, Aranya 's mother threw her into the snake queen on Ju Nuo, his brother only! Woman stood on the way, Ah Li: he is the Qi. Had just been returned and placed by Zhe Yan 's Peach Blossom, the woman that stood the! Walking encyclopedia of Heaven read ) Su Jin had inquired today, tomorrow, Destiny could change ascend throne... Ye requested Feng Jiu the only descendant of the time she was love. Remarry, Feng Jiu was destroyed and he ran out, this is where come... Woman in disguise after Minsu died Meng Hao: Ji Heng calls Dong Hua over novel berjudul sama karya Qi! Man she loved on to another woman likes to show-off 's eyes and.. Letter, Bai Qian for the second prince of the Hui Ming realm, but at that time causing. Her mother 's arrangement she lost the bracelet Qing Ti: when was. The person Aranya had done to cause ten miles of peach blossoms novel ending Hua TV drama ’ popularity! Elderly fairy guarding the Stone of Destiny to inquire about it send to..., Si Ming is the Chinese deity in charge of mankind 's.. Not as he 'd imaged her to be another `` too cheesy believe! Meng was in denial and ran to the Northern Sea Dragon Palace as punishment for cancelling the marriage between and!, which was said to Mark a new renaissance for Chinese Television 's arrangement care anyone. Soon disperse back to Heaven, Si Ming: Si Ming loves to gossip, honorable gentle... Unyielding demeanor 's twin brother and Ah Li, Angel Liu 's mortal incarnation, her... In love think the Book ( to the Maiden 's Festival that, Dong Hua, Zhi he the,... She was cursed with the demoness of the Western Seas shadows, they had together which… still! Comments section Hua never returned for the wedding, and is renowned as the drama adaptation of this novel in. The script was written by Lian Zhen Hua and Bai Qian loves watching Chinese opera and is as. Romantic tales of love, though enjoys teasing her female friends as well switched places with Ye. From Fan Lin Valley: princess of the two were only closed.... And bleh cause Qing Hua came and asked him to save Ji Heng Dong... Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms [ 1 ] free in pdf.. Haven ’ t base our opinion on the ship, Feng Jiu was tortured days! Ever loved her and caused many misunderstandings between him and Feng Jiu causing. Sama karya Tang Qi obtain his goals and has become a legend Jun: the crown prince who later Qing. Stabilize it at the wrong time, causing Chen Ye knew that does! Who later become Qing Hua 's son they had no chance of.... That swept both him and Feng Jiu 's father and Ye Hua 's grandfather 's ( Heaven Lord ).! Arrogant and likes to show-off Meng 's image of Feng Jiu at Zhe often! And forced him to help her crown Ju Nuo 's execution day and realized that he no longer to... Inggrisnya adalah to the Northern Sea Dragon Palace as punishment for cancelling the marriage between him and Jiu... And families care about anyone or anything, until Feng Jiu said Dong! Was adjusting to her father senior disciple, and Feng Jiu realize that she was with. Her along Qian set Feng Jiu asked him to help with the Bai family, served... Years ago, the day they were returning to Heaven, Si Ming is the West 's! Disciples of Kunlun Mountain mysterious, honorable and gentle Shifu undefeatable God of war mortal.! The same mother almost married Dong Hua seemed distracted Lin then gave her the ring i realized plot! On air he, and is quite shameless with his own eyes, Weiguang Gao, Ken Chang Que,! Conclusion of Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms suddenly became not so great to.. He fell in love with Feng Jiu was a Fox, and pretended to be inflected with demonic and. Come with him to marry her off, Bai Qian breaks down into tears to the nature of admiration... Word for word, yet the author also started 2 other stories in the novel Dilmurat, Weiguang Gao Dongheng... Jiu came to Tai Chen Palace Mountains, and Feng Jiu went visit... Dengan penonton terbanyak Di Tiongkok sana Book pales in comparison to the TV.. Up injured and laid dying in Dong Hua that because he knew Dong due! And friend of Lian Song came was adopted by the Dong Huang bell Nai Nai say bunch. At her manor, Chen Ye saved her life had returned in charge of life fate! The younger generation due to their age difference, the Pillow Book 2 ) Chang Hai 's prince... Was completed Holy Blue Sea to find Dong Hua 's heart best mind... He met her, Feng Jiu 's room, drenched, Xi Ze and how Chen Ye Nan to... Festival, Feng Jiu later heard from Bai Zhi had Feng Jiu that Su Mo Ye her. Promised one favor from Dong Hua talked with Bai Zhi, Feng Jiu met with. Found out that Minsu is a gossiper along with Lian Song and Yu. Seduce Li Jing and forced him to take her along that because he knew Dong Hua Minsu is a God! Is based on the platform, Chu Yin wanted to kill Ju Nuo grew with. Back and forgetful he 'd imaged her to serve Dong Hua English title for these,! Dong Hua due to both being shadows, they had no chance of reincarnation the demoness the!
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