Special: In the case that you can update your Xiaomi Redmi 4 to Android 9 (Android Pie), the procedure of capturing a screenshot on the Xiaomi Redmi 4 is way more easy.Google made the decision to make easier the operation like that: Hold on tight the power button of the Xiaomi Redmi 4 right until you see a pop-up menu on the left of the screen or … Screenshot by Ed Rhee Step 2: Select the "Screen Capture (by Google)" extension and install it. Taking screenshots using Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 is as easy as it gets. Using Notification Menu. Scroll down and tap on the Additional Settings option; Then tap on the Button and Gesture Shortcuts menu feature; And finally look toward the top of the page so you can tap the Take a Screenshot option; Xiaomi gives you a variety of gestures that you can use to take a screenshot. Once the process has started the screen will scroll. On Xiaomi with the MIUI proprietary shell, a long screenshot is available. It does not have the option to take two pages screenshot in one go. Step 2 : Navigate to the page that you want to take a screenshot. MIUI ; Xiaomi; Previous. In this guide, we help you understand how to take screenshots in easy way. Especially Xiaomi phones. Xiaomi MIUI Community Lounge. You will see a message with several options, select “Scroll Shot”. Now, we are going to show you up to 4 ways to take a screenshot and long screenshot (scrolling screenshot) on Xiaomi Mi Note 10 and Mi Note 10 Pro … It’s therefore necessary today to understand how you can make a screenshot on your Xiaomi Mi 9T. Secara pabrikan, Xiaomi sudah bisa mengambil scroll screenshot atau screenshot panjang tanpa menggunakan aplikasi pihak ketiga sejak dirilisnya MIUI 8. Just locating the hardware buttons and pressing as said below can capture … Method 2: You can also quickly take a screenshot in MIUI 9 using a three finger swipe down gesture.On any screen, simply swipe down on the display with free fingers and a screenshot will be automatically taken. Method 4: How to take scrolling screenshot on Xiaomi Pocophone F1. The easiest way to Take a Screenshot In Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro is that you can also take a screenshot from the drop-down menu of your phone. I hope you understand How to take a long screenshot in MIUI 10. But if you are on Windows, you will need a small piece of a program called PicPick to take scrolling screenshots. 8. You have successfully captured long screenshot on your MIUI 8 smartphone. You have successfully captured a long Screenshot on your Xiaomi Redmi 3S Prime Smartphone which you can now locate at Gallery>Screenshots folder. In this comprehensive guide, ... With MIUI 8 onward, Redmi phones received a scrolling screenshot update. That’s it! click on the thumbnail that appears at the very top of the screen. You can now take a screenshot of the page to the bottom of the section. Taking a screenshot on his Xiaomi Mi 9T is really useful in a lot of situations. This feature can be used in any type of Xiaomi smartphone with operating system MIUI 8 ( or later. Scroll down the screen until where you want to take screenshot. Cara Buat Screenshot Panjang Xiaomi. Best to use 1 way. Hardware buttons and 2. This new function allows greater precision in the screenshots of Xiaomi mobiles. Apart from taking scrolling screenshots, the small piece of software is also capable of doing a number of other small tasks. The newly released Xiaomi Mi Note 10 (aka Mi CC9 Pro) and Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro comes with built-in MIUI 11. Head to this page to see the full list of guides. Now to Capture screenshot on Xiaomi MI Mix 3 normally, we have various methods. Taking screenshots in Xiaomi Redmi 4A is extremely easy. FastStone Capture is a powerful screen capture tool for Windows operating system. Thread starter Adeolu; Start date Sep 16, 2017; Tags screenshot scrolling screenshot xiaomi; Forums. It also provides the scrolling screenshot feature to capture the full page on the internet. Hardware Key Combination to Take Screenshot on Xiaomi … Do not be anxious, it’s not complicated! To do this I will explain how to use a valid procedure to capture the screen on all Xiaomi smartphones with MIUI 11 and MIUI 12. Step 2: Long Press Volume Down and Power button simultaneously. Users can use these options according to their need. Step 3: You will see an animation being displayed at Top Right Corner of Xiaomi MI Max 2 Display.Tap Over It. Screenshot on Xiaomi Android phones can be easily taken with two different methods- 1. How To Take Scrolling Screenshots. Take a screenshot and click on the option below. Go to the Chrome Web store and search for "screen capture" in the search box. There will come a time when you will want to take a screenshot on Mi 5, and in this digital guide, we are going to show you exactly how it's done.Today we will show you some of the ways to make a Xiaomi Mi 5 screenshot. Facing a new phone and a new operating system, some users may not know how to perform some basic features like capturing a screenshot. In the daily use of the smartphone, we perform many operations in a simple and routine way. Method 2: With this method, you can even take a screenshot of a complete website, including all the things you do not see on the screen itself, despite scrolling. You can read this article to know how. 7. So, we’ve decided to create a guide on How to take Screenshot in Redmi Phones. Taking a Scrolling Screenshot through FastStone Capture. Take a screenshot and click on the option below. Through this easy guide, you can learn how to take screenshots using Redmi 4A. MIUI also supports long screenshot, which is helpful if the page is longer than the display length. This is an additional option that has been added to the UI after a screenshot has been captured. How to Take a Screenshot on Xiaomi Mi 5 Steps to capture a screenshot on Xiaomi Mi 5 This allows the user to capture an entire page in a single screenshot. Well, that’s how you take screenshot on Xiaomi Redmi Y1. You will see a message with several options, select “Scroll Shot”. Whether to take a screenshot of a Snap that a colleague sent you or to save a web page found on the internet. Tapping on this preview will allow you to perform additional functions like capture a scrolling screenshot, edit the captured image, or share it. Step 1: Go to “Settings - Additional settings - Button and gesture shortcuts - Take a screenshot”, and then select “Slide 3 fingers down” to enable the Xiaomi Mi 10 gesture screenshot. First you need to make a standard, that is, limited in size. Suitable for a screenshot of trendy apps such as Snapchat, Reddit, Tinder ,… or for one text message, the procedure of making screenshot on your Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s using Android 8.0 Oreo is without question extremely convenient. How the picture was taken. This will start automatic scrolling, and, once the scroll reaches the bottom, it will save the screenshot. Head to this page to see the full list of guides. To take a screenshot, as soon as you open the drop-down menu, you will see the icon of the screenshot, you can click on it and take a screenshot. 6. We often take a screenshot and save it. The MIUI on Xiaomi phones is the only user interface, which comes with an option to take scrolling screenshots. These certainly include screenshots. Now will see the screenshot automatically scrolling. If you recently got a Xiaomi device running MIUI 10 and are wondering how to take a screenshot or a long screenshot on it, follow this guide. In the next screen, you will see two different menus named “Edit” and “Send”. You can now take a screenshot of the page to the bottom of the section. Take a Scrolling Screenshot on the redmi: Go to Topic: 3: How to Use the Xiaomi Redmi 6 Screenshot three-finger Gesture – Xiaomi Redmi 6, 6A and 6 Pro: Go to Topic: 4: Google Assistant: Go to Topic: 5: Where do I find the completed Screenshots on Redmi? Source>XDADevelopers. How to Take Long Screenshot or Partial Screenshot in MI Max 2. Let’s have a look on both the methods. Capturing scrolling screenshots of web pages has been an option on LG phones since the G6. Here is a way to take full /long screenshots from top to bottom of the page that been opened in Xiaomi Smartphone, we called it as long screenshot. Long scroll screenshot. Also Read: Best Music Downloader Apps for Android. We have compiled a few guides for Xiaomi Redmi 4A. Method 2: With this method, you can even take a screenshot of a complete website, including all the things you do not see on the screen itself, despite scrolling. At the moment it has been released as part of the MIUI 12 20.5.25 version and we do not know for sure if it will be implemented in the first mobiles that receive the stable version at the end of June. Tap the Scroll button. Choose the one that suits you better and fastest. Once done, tap on “Stop” located at the bottom of the screen. Langkah-langkah: Buka aplikasi atau tampilan yang ingin di-capture, misalnya percakapan WhatsApp atau Facebook; Tekan tombol Power + Vol Bawah secara bersamaan; Sesaat setelah menekan tombol, … Android Phones: How to Keep the Screen Always On. Normal Screenshot is the simple screen capture of Xiaomi MI Mix 3 which you are currently on. Xiaomi’s entire lineup of Redmi and Mi devices are now running on MIUI 10 which packs plenty of features. Step 1: Navigate to the Screen which you want to Capture as Long Screenshot on Xiaomi Mi max 2. This time we practiced in Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro. The first one make use of the regular items of your Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s. Method 1: Using Hardware buttons: Taking screenshots on Android phones using hardware buttons is one of the oldest and popular methods. Step 6: Boom! Method 3: An even simpler way to take a screenshot on MIUI 9 is to use the Screenshot tile in Quick Settings.Simply expand the Quick Settings panel and tap the Screenshot button. Believe it or not, you have the choice between two simple options. Here is what you need to do: Open the web page of your choice; Pull down the notification bar, then find and select Capture + Return to the web page and select Extended in the lower right corner. We can solve your problem. If there is no screenshot icon in the drop-down menu of your Xiaomi phone, then as soon as you slide … MIUI 8 comes with various ways to take screnshots and also supports long screenshot where the content is longer than the display length. It provides a small panel with all the shortcuts available for all kinds of screenshots on your Windows. This is a photo of the entire page of the site in a browser or settings menu. Then Tap Done; How to Download and Install MIUI 10 Global Beta on All Xiaomi Devices. Step 4: Select “Extend” from various menus being … Step 5: Scroll Down the Screen upto a limit you want to Capture the screen into Screenshot and then tap on “Stop” located at the bottom of the screen. If you have any problem then ask in the comment box. We have compiled a few guides for Xiaomi Redmi Note 4.